Monetizing PWA Progressive Web Apps

Hi there Adalo community!

Just curious has anyone tried monetizing their PWA? How are you implementing it?

Since we cannot incorporate AdMob into the PWA, what methods are you using?

Like to hear your thoughts!

I also have the same problem and posted but didn’t get any response how to solve the problem someone help us…

Thanks @fredmitschele for reiterating your concerns too! Hopefully we can get more eyes and perspectives on this :+1:

Hey there @TrZd & @fredmitschele

This would be a great idea to implement Google Adsense for PWA so I’ve created the feature request:

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Thanks is that the only answer?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I don’t have any other resolution for you apart from what I already did to create the feature request.

The Google Admob banner component was created by Adalo, so I assume they’d be able to make a Google Adsense banner component for PWA. Since I’m not part of Adalo’s staff, I don’t know when or even if they’d be able to create the component.

At the bare minimum, the idea is now out so that the public can vote on it. :man_shrugging:


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