Adalo with Backendless API: data duplication

I use Adalo with a Backendless API. My application must return all data from a database table of persons. All persons registered are different. So, when I test the API during configuration with Adalo I have all data one time. But when I test my application, I have many times the same person in the application List (like in the picture with John Forbes Nash for exemple).
I do the same work with other backend without problem.

Can you help me please?

Hi @GuillaumeProvost,

These topics External Collection API Setup Error & Repeating Values - #6 by ChrisAndo88 and API Result Display on Repeat - #12 by joeyology might be useful in your case.

You can try to move the property with the unique record ID to the top.

Best regards, Victor.


Ok, the first link to Externel Collection API Setup Error & Repeating Values is my problem solution.

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