API Result Display on Repeat

Hi Adalo,

Hope all is well.

I have a successful API result. See below.

However, it is not displaying properly on a Simple List.

Please help. Thank you!

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What are your Title and Subtitle settings on the list?

Have you tried using a custom list instead?

Yeah I tried the Custom List and has the same output.

Without more information, it’s really hard to try and help you. Can you send image/video of your list settings?
Have you copy/pasted the list? That can sometimes produce some funky results.

Thanks @dosandco! I really appreciate it! I captured a gif to demonstrate how it is behaving. See below.

Hope this helps! Please also refer to my screenshots above.

Thank you!

Thanks Joey,

Might be one for the Adalo team - have you tried going through the ‘edit settings’ on your External Collection to make sure it is still pulling the data correctly?


@dosandco and @joeyology I’ve also experienced this with an API setup. The results are all different upon setup but the display is the same result repeated.

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It looks like the issue is that in the API response, there’s no unique id for each record.

Thanks Ben! I’m not sure if I can do anything about the API response.

Is there any way for me to still use it?

Is this just a list of books? If so, then the book id can act as the id, you just need to resort that property so it’s listed first in the data tab

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Thanks for the response @Ben! Where can I do it? Is it here?


I finally got it @Ben! I just moved the book_id at the top. Maybe its a primary key position of some sort. It’s working now!




Had the same issue, thanks!!

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