Adalo x Xano Integration - How do Bolean fields work?

Hello @everyone.

I’ve subscribed to the Adalo Team Plan and integrated Xano in the app i’m developping.

My app is a task-based app for users to follow pre-established instructions in order to complete the tasks.

In every task they should upload a picture and toggle the task as OK/NOK or N/A.

The problem is that i cannot understand how the bolean system works between Adalo and Xano.

Everytime i toggle the bolean field in Adalo, the task disappears and all the fields on Xano are deleted.

Is there someone kind enough to explain why does this happen and how to work around it?

Thank you all !

Best Regards

Xano expects a full json payload, but Adalo is just sending the boolean field, so all other fields are erased during the update.

Best is to avoid booleans altogether. Use a text field with yes or no. This means not using the toggle component also, and use icons with custom visibility instead.

Thank you for your replies @Rozza and @theadaloguy .

I saw somewhere a tutorial on how to hide some endpoint inputs that the fields were not erased while toggling, but i never got the hang of it.

In the meantime, i am strugling with something else not related to Xano, but to Adalo.

I want an input value to disappear from the text form as soon as i press a button on the task:

The somehow, when selecting “Change Input Value”, this Input is not available to select.

Could you be kind and explain it please?

Thanks !