Adalo - Xano - linking of many screens between each other causes issue

Hi guys,

I had an issue earlier this morning that I lost data between the screens. I had to delete all the links between screens. Basically, I have found out (thanks to Youtube) that Adalo might have an issue when linking many screens between each other (e.g. you have 5 backlinks to the same screen).

I got the notification "Missing data from screens Home, Profile etc,). Please see the video I made to simulate the bug. I don’t think my app is somehow complicated, I just need to have like 30 screens with the Menu side bar where there are (obviously) links to the Home screen, Map screen etc. Just a standard stuff.

I appreciate any help how to overcome this issue to avoid loosing the data in future and create all the link all over again (like this morning)… :smiley: