HELP please - Missing data on the screen

Hi guys,

I have the “good old” issue with data on screens. I have been building my app since August so I have thought that I understood this limitation. But this time I really don’t…I have recorded short Loom video.

Side note: I am using Xano as the backend.

Thank you for your help!

Lukas B.

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Hey, yeah, one of the many infuriating things about Adalo. I’ve had to rebuild whole apps because all of a sudden, Adalo decides not to pass the data it has always passed…

To your question… You might try two separate things.

  1. Have three different detail screens that are identical and just push each list screen to one of the three detail screens.

  2. Instead of doing “goals” and then filtering by id of user, etc. Choose, “current user’s goals” as the main part, then add some filters.

I’m not sure if either of these will be helpful, but worth a try.

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