Add a google analytics to my desktop app?


Is there any way to track for a desktop app :

  1. the traffic on the Welcome screen

  2. the sources of this traffic : facebooks ads, google ads, etc…

Thanks !

Adalo has analytics, you can see most popular page, and more!

Yes true @B0untiful_26

But for now, it’s impossible to tell when a user arrives on the welcome screen, when he bounces or where he goes next how often.

Colin told me to upvote here : Support For Google Analytics + Tag Manager | Voters | Adalo

Yeah that’s the solution, hopefully they add it!

Here I voted! :slight_smile: and yeah we just wait!

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Here is a turnaround for now :

Before my “real” welcome screen (“Home”), I’ve added blank screens for each possible source of traffic to land on each dedicated screen.

Each of those screens link directly to “Home”, with transition “None”.

@clementmonbonpro you could use segment to get great analytics.

It supports HTTP events, each time a user lands on a screen you can send an event to segment to capture and route to your location of choice.


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