Collecting View Datapoint from Adalo Internal Tracking

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in the forum. I’ve been stress-test Adalo capability for nearly 1 month and successfully finding work-around to solve most of the limitations. But I got stuck in this issue.

I’m building a link in bio app with many custom embeddable widgets from the most popular platform (Spotify, Youtube, Email Lead Gen Form, etc).


  • As a user, I can TRACK total visitors to my bio page


  • I cannot GET the data for this total visitors


  • I check that Adalo as built-in analytics for admin - but see no possible way to to get this as information to supply my Collection (no API docs available on the help page)
  • I try to find a workaround with Mixpanel that Adalo support by default, and found a bottleneck that a public dashboard and chart not yet available, here.

Do you have an idea on how to complete the requirement?
Your help is much appreciated!

You could create an Analytics collection in your app and have a property as “screen visits”. Then create a screen action to update that count +1. That way the number in that record would always reflect how many times that screen has been visited and you can use that data directly in your app.

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Hi Colin, thanks for the suggestion. Appreciate it.

This would work to track click/screen visit that happening inside or from the apps.
But, doesn’t fit the use cases for an incoming visit from outside the app. The app that I built is similar to linktree

  • Each user will have a unique link (personal page) where they can collect all other links in one place
  • As example: ; ;
  • This will be accessible for the publics
  • I can track the visits to all these links screen from Adalo internal analytics, but cannot use it as a source to supply my collection’s data point.

I don’t understand how it doesn’t…

fit the use cases for an incoming visit from outside the app

No matter where the user comes from, when they access that screen, a record will be created in the DB. No matter if the user was registered or not.

Am I missing something still?

I re-read your suggestion. This works for me, thanks Colin!

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