Countdown timing

Hello guys. Application with chats with limited time. I set a countdown for 30mins. Every time when I go to this screen with countdown - he starts to count down 30 mins again. How to keep on counting down after leaving the screen?

Unfortunately you can’t do that in basic adalo work,

You will need an extra component maybe the timed action fro Pragmaflow (I don’t recommend using it, they don’t support their component anymore for the public), but that component will do the job

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Hey! thank you for appliying. Can you send me this extra component? What is price for him? And what do you think - dont support public? It means that I will buy him, connect with Adalo, load in store and people who install app will not see this component?

So the component is not available on Adalo’s marketplace, you get it from here:

The installation process are there too.

What do i mean by not supported anymore? It means, if the component has an issues, crashes ect… they don’t fix it

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Man! thank you a lot. As I realize, the components name is timer action. I will test him

You can use the countdown component in the Adalo Marketplace or this one that Pragmaflow created and Jimmy mentioned and then point that to a property in the Users collection or a input. And you need to update it when user go back. Tagging Flawless ( @Flawless ) to add some more information here because I can remember that he did something like this!

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