Add an Entry in an "Many to Many" Airtable List withour rewriting the field

Hi guys,
I’m currently trying to move my database from adalo to airtable hoping to get a small performance boost here.
I’m currently trying to recreate the “Following - Follower”-Function and now have the following problem:
As my “Followers”-Field at Airtable is (as in adalo) a many to many relation, I want to ADD new friends. So far so good. I created a custom action with PATCH to add new users. For one entry it is actually working - BUT: sadly not for additonal ones. It just rewrites the first entry to the next one :frowning:

Does anyone know how to append / remove entries from a linked airtable field? or do I have to build a matching table for that?

After searching through the board again I found this:

Didn’t tried it out yet, but it seems like it could work - so just FYI for anyone facing the same problem :slight_smile: Will try it out these days and if it solves the problem i’ll close this “case”.

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