Many_to_Many Relation batch action


i have a two tables Guests and Events - want to add Guests to Event, nut not by one.

is that possible in Adalo or connection with AirTable to add/update/remove multiple Guests to Event ?


I’m not sure I understand right but are you asking ‘how can you add/delete/edit more than one user with single click of button’ ?


for example on screen of Guests ( all records), i found a 15 guest ( via filter list ), and i want to add founded guests to event

You can perform bunch action with the help of countdown component.

thank you, will try it

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good idea to use countdown to make several actions, but

i’m sorry, didn’t get how countdown get count of filtered records in list, then get 1st record - do action and then go to next ?

found the same question

looks like that’s not possible

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