Add app settings for user

Hi everyone I want to add app settings to my app where user can change app more, and view the list of block user and unblock from there also give user many acces to be display in there app, I mean something like this

Cool. What’s the question? :slightly_smiling_face:

HI @Iamriola,

Yeah sure, what you can do is:

Have a many to many relation between users, let’s call it: “Blocked Users” here we will store all the blocked user of the logged in users. How to add? very simple you can put a button saying: update logged in user > blocked users > add current user.

How to access it? Maybe in the profile screen i don’t know how you plan, you can have a section called: blocked users when clicking on it, you display a list of users > filter it > logged in users > blocked users.

Ok I will try it thank you.

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