How to add items to a cart?

Hello there. So the way I have it set up so far is there are several categories. These break up into subcategories, and then branch off into one more line or subcategories. Then once they’re in the right spot, there’s a list of items for that category they can choose from. How can I get it so that as they choose items, it adds them to a cart? Then once they click the cart icon, it takes them to a checkout page?

Also as a side note, it there a way to have the little number circled on the top right of the cart icon to show how many items they currently have in the cart? Thanks!

That issue has been addressed before in this forum. If you search for it, you will find it.

Additionally, Adalo has an e-commerce template that you can check for free. It has the feature for the shopping cart so you can analyse how it works.

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