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Hi, I’m trying to build an App for my local gym, I found this #madeinadalo example which I found fascinating, Strong by BodyWeight. I the feature I’m trying to mirror is the one you see in the video

  1. To add exercises from a list to a section
  2. To create a new section within the current view

I tried couple approaches with the collections but not able to replicate the dynamic way the sample app added a new section, do you know any tutorial or document that can help me to achieve the same result, thanks in advance.

I believe he is the builder, you can contact him.


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Hi, I recreated the behavior for you and made a video explaining how to build it yourself.

Here is a cloneable link as well.

Hope it helps!


@IsaacRivera , @Hanan has got it right!

One thing that might be helpful is instead of linking “Exercises” to the “Section”, you can create a “Workout Exercise” to add to the section. This will allow you to add sets, reps, etc. specific to that workout.

So if you look at the cloneable app Hanan made, when you click add exercise and select an exercise, instead of linking that exercise to the section, you would create a new “Workout Exercise” that is linked to that exercise and section. now the workout exercise can hold the setsxreps data.

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Thanks a lot for your replied exactly what I was looking for.

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Hi Jason, thanks a lot for the advise, I’m new to the community and I didn’t know I could reach out before, you did an amazing job with your app, again thanks a lot.

awesome stuff, this!

Happy to help!

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