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Hello everyone! Can’t figure out how to set buttons on a list of exercises. I want this button to lead user to exercise main page and on each main page I want to have a button which goes to a test. With first to steps i understand that i can use data collections and it’s fine, but how then I can go from exercise main page to a test which have a lot of screens and I can’t understand how to make a collection out of it… I guess it’s super basic stuff but still… i stuck with it… thanks in advance!

Hi @Helenakin ,

My understanding regarding your story,

A user is presented with list of exercises, and each exercise contains multiple questions, and those questions are presented in multiple screens.

If that is the case, here is my take,

Have an exercise collection,
when, datetime
relationship to question collection (1)
relationship to test question collection (1)

Have a question collection,
right answer, number (or true/false or text)
relationship to exercise collection (many)

Have a test questions collection,
student’s answer, number (or true/false or text)
relationship to exercise collection (many)
relationship to users collection (many)

Modify users collection,
Add relationship to test questions collection (1)

This is not proven since I didn’t put it into the editor, but consider this as start to begin experimenting.

For screens,
At home screen, have a custom list (or any list) that use exercise collection and add action to link to interim screen to generate questions into test questions collection, which is copying records that are inside current exercise into test questions collection.
In the interim screen, you have custom list of question collection filtered by current exercise (from previous screen) and put countdown to do action create test collection which is actually copying questions to test questions.

You can split screens using buttons that link to other screen as many as you want and use current test questions > property name to initialize input field.

Hope you get the picture.

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