Question about general features of Adalo


Here is my situation basically.
I create content about Korea on different platform. By using wordpress and some code of my own, I created a little online system about learning are review vocabulary. While searching about how to make an app, I heard about Adalo.
Before starting to go deeper in the leaning of Adalo, I’m doing a quick overview of the features to know if it would match those I required. I can see that data tables can incorporate dates that would allow me to create a review system of the words already know. I can see that it’s possible to update datatables though a button, so I believe I can create full list of words to learn and then a shortlist of five to focus on and make the full list go step by step into the shortlist. I would need to know the way Adalo works, but I know I’ll be able to figure this out.

However, I don’t know if some basics features can be implemented. Like, for instance, comparing two words (the one the user input to the correct answer), grants or take point away based on if the answer is correct or not (meaning, having score in the database and increment or decrease the number base on if the guess is right or wrong). Also, this would be some more long terme stuff, but do you know if it is possible to have live features? (like 10 people in a pool with the same words to find in a limited amount of time for instance)
Do you think those are possible?

I have made some research. I am able to take a word from the database, ask for a guess by the user. But as far as I can tell, it looks like comparing words is not possible unless with list to make search system.


The quiz stuff is possible, comparing answers like in this video:

About live quiz room etc, I never tried it - I think it would be possible to implement but needs some experimenting.


Thanks. It’s an interesting start!

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