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Gooday guys, trying to create an app with adalo where businesses post news articles, I want make it possible and how users to be notified each time a business puts up an article, now the notice would only be seen by interested users

Hi @rexdeva !!

Are you using form component to post new articles?
If you are using the form component to post articles then add a trigger notification action or push notification action ( Custom Action ) on the submit button.
To add a push notification ( Custom Action) you need a paid plan.
To add a trigger notification you don’t need a paid plan and you have to request permission when the user visits the screen. Then you have to add the trigger notification on the submit button.
@rexdeva read this docs too !!

To send push notifications you can use Adasatcks,Intergromat,Zapier etc.
I’m using Adastacks and Intergromat.

Adastacks created by Patrick Ford ( @pford ) :blush:

I hope this information will help you!!
Cheers !! :facepunch: :facepunch: :blush:

Yes I am, I tried to use the follow option to select only those following a business to be notified when that business post a news article, bus confused on how to achieve users following businesses/companies

You need a relationship between businesses and users. It should probably be many-to-many i.e., users can follow many businesses and businesses can have many followers.

Then, when you’re selecting your notification audience, you’ll choose Current Business > Followers

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