IOS and Android notifications triggered by a new record in database

Hi everyone,

I have a media app and would like to notify all my app users (on IOS and Android) when I add a new record (in my case, a new article) in one of my database.

Someone can help me ?

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Hi Romain,

You can add the Trigger Notification action on your form. The recipient is All Users and you can fill the body and title with magic text.

The Docs and this will help you!

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera

This is not a tutorial for notifications triggered by a click action ? That’s what I understood.

I would like to notify my users when a new element is available in a list.

Thanks for your help @dilon_perera

You can set this Trigger Notification action on your form.

You mean not send the notification instanly when the new record is created! Then I belive you need Push Notifications.

Your Welcome!

This is not a form, it’s a list

I have a list of articles (connected to article’s database) and I would like to notify users when a new article is added in my article’s database and therefore available in the list.

Hi @romain,
What Dilon is referring to is if the data in the List is submitted via a form, then form is the way to go, if not, how are is the new data being submitted to the Database/lists? If not by a form (i.e. API) then you need to trigger it outside ADALO, you could use Integromat/Zapier for that.

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oh ok ok !

Yes my data is submitted to the database thanks to integromat,

I will try this and come to you

Thanks @JL_LJ & @dilon_perera


Hi !

I succeed to send a notification but only to one user thanks to this :

“appId”: “2bc38ea8-2eb1-4db0-974c-e9e031f2c0e0”,
“audience”: { “email”: “” },
“notification”: {
“titleText”: “Hello There”,
“bodyText”: “This is just a test…”

do you know what i can put in audience to send a notification to all my users ?



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