Add sdk to adalo app

Hello i wanna add sdk to app how do that cause the sdk is much better than the api.

Hey @Mohamed.shire,

Can you please tell me what type of SDK you want to add to your app?

Firoz Khan - @firozkhanuk1214_1

I wanted to add chat sdk.

Actually, you cannot add SDKs in Adalo. There may be an alternative to add it in Adalo if you tell me what tool you are using.

I am using talkjs

That is not possible, unfortunately. Also, check this out if you want to add live chat to your app: (it uses a different tool)

Hey what about users chatting with each other.

I suppose to answer your initial question, to implement an sdk you need to build a custom component in react/react-native/react-native-web.

Hey how can i access the component on adalo and can integrate with chat sdk such as agora cause am working on social networking app.

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