Build Real-Time Chat, for real

Releasing a new component that facilitates real-time chat over websockets. We are still testing the ins and outs to make sure all is well, feel free to install it and give feedback.

Also, if you use PragmaFlow components in your apps and you have issues, please contact us first before contacting Adalo Support!


Wow, this is really nice! I will definitely be using this! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, this is really good!
How can i make the message to appear on top of the page instead of bottom?

I would need to add that in as a configuration option, something like Align to Top instead of bottom.

I have added the feature request here:

Feel free to subscribe to the issue (if you have a github account) so you will get notified when update the component to include that feature.

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I have already used it and it works great! Can I also create group chats?

Of course. In the video I added 2 UserConversations but you can add as many as you want, when configuring messages you can always use magic text (username):(message) to see who the sender is. Also, for conversations, you can make an edit button to rename the conversation to whatever you want, like a WhatsApp chat and create an add/remove user modal.

The link is broken…

Sorry, I made the repo private. It is now a public repo so it should work.


Thanks for your quick reply. I have understood it now. I did the whole thing a bit differently because loading users via dropdown takes a long time. But I am confident that now I have an idea how to do it.

Hi, do you know how I can pin the input field at the bottom? I already tried by making a group and pinning this group at the bottom, but that didn’t work.

I do not know if Adalo has a way for marketplace/private components to do that. I tested it out using the map component and it seems that we cannot fix the position or make it fill the screen. I will start and investigation to see how we can do this, I am sure I can come up with a trick that would allow this. I have added the request here: Full screen (or at least fixed position) at bottom · Issue #6 · pragmaflowinc/adalo-realtime-chat · GitHub


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Steven thanks a lot for this component! You are the Legend!

Jakob Adjust the component to down and see. Like this.

This issue is happening for Maps and Web views too.


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Steven I like to ask is it possible to create a component for Dark Mode feature? Then we don’t need to Duplicate screens :sweat_smile:

Thank you, for the tip, now it works👍🏻


I built that a while back, one of my first I think. HOWEVER, this is outside of what I allowed to publish. I think my translator component pushed the limits so until Adalo starts adding more features to their permissible API things like dark mode will stay on my machine.

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Thank you for the effort. Until the issue ist solved, I use dilon’s method


Oh man i’d love to see what else do you have on your machine that aren’t published :joy:


Me too :raised_hand: :sweat_smile:

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