3rd party chat SDK/API integration

I’ve seen Adalo’s solution for chat, but quite frankly it would take a lot of time to build features in it that would make it on par with modern messaging solutions like Slack/Whatsapp (read receipts, group chats, click on reply to scroll to that reply, in-app calls, etc.)

So instead of trying to build one from scratch on Adalo, it would be great if we can integrate an existing chat API solution such as these into Adalo: https://talkjs.com/, https://sendbird.com/

Is this possible right now in Adalo, through some existing workaround?

I’m not a tech person so I might be talking bull here. Basically my use case would be, I’d want to create an e-commerce app, but one that also has a chat function with all the modern chat features such as read receipts etc. and with good performance and scalability as well. Another use case is that I would make an app for managing a company’s internal operations, and instead of relying on Slack for communications, we integrate this chat API and put the “slack” directly into the Adalo app as well.

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Depending of the nature of those APIs, the Custom Actions feature we have in development might work for that.

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Ben, when will that become available?

Hello @JarvisDigital read this article here you will complete clarification to choosing best chat SDK providers . https://bit.ly/3dJxmij and let me your suggestion

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I would like to suggest of MirrorFly is one of the leading messaging & video calling applications. The element of this communication sdk application are devops grounded advancement, superior foundation, HD video calling, work with WebRTC and around 300+ in-house improvement groups are there, Which you can integrate into any third party web & mobile apps.

For more information follow this post : https://habr.com/en/post/453374/


@alexsam For a chat app, it’s weird they don’t have online chat. Too bad they don’t have a free plan or trial too.

Hey @JarvisDigital, were you able to integrate this already? I’m about to try it out.

@Ben, it looks like Custom Actions should work with TalkJS, right? Or Sendbird.

I haven’t, unfortunately. I’ve decided to go the other way round - use an available chat app, and share Adalo app links (which will then open within the chat app). Not as elegant, but might still work

Hello @JarvisDigital

I hope already you got the answer for your thread . Here i have shared how integrate video calling API or SDK into your web and mobile apps.may not be this article not helping for you but some readers looking for video call integration this tutorial will help https://bit.ly/39eZSaf

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