Add tab bar missing data

Hello everyone.
I have problem en my app . I finished everything but when i try to add tab bar and link it its making me this of missing data can someone helped me plz
this is befor add

and this is after

Hi @nouh8787

There are plenty of posts in this forum related to that issue. This search.

I would recommend going through them, as they provide guidance on how to resolve this problem.

Remember, most issues have already being posted in the forum. A simple search will take you to other posts where solutions have been provided.

thx for your answer . i checked but still cannot find the solution

Sometimes it’s because to many button are linked with the same screen and this screen don’t know wich data he need to use

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thx for your answer . i check and it’s not about button . if you have time and you can help me I will be thankful to you . this is my whatsapp ( 0034632397565)

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