Issue with Missing Data

I am having a real issue with missing data in my app that appears to be completely random. I know the data is getting to the screens as it works in the app and the preview I just now cannot create any new components that refer to the “current” record on the screens.

I have a list of “Fuel Berths” that are presented on the first screen (Fuel Berths Near Me). Within this list i link to the “Fuel Berths details 1”

Previously i was able to create components on this screen referencing the “Current” Fuel berth from the list but now this option is not possible as the data is missing

I do have 3 x version of each of these screens to allow for data to be tabbed…

Hopefully, the screen shots below might help?

I cant work out how to upload a screen recording

OK i have fixed this by following the steps in Horrific data-pass bug... Can ANYONE Help? - #9 by Flawless to create tabs which were breaking the data links

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