Linked data missing when linking back to original screen

Hey all

I know this has been asked a 100 times and I’m usually very good at figuring it out but I’m stuck on an issue where I have missing linked data. Here’s my situation…

Screen Home > Passes Data ‘Sessions’ to Screen 1 via a list link
Screen 1 > Button Link to Screen 2 > Passes Data ‘Sessions’ to Screen 2 (works fine)
Screen 2 > Button Link to Screen 1 > Passes Data ‘Sessions’ to Screen 1 (linked data now missing screen 1)

Any ideas why this is happening please? I would think linked data is preserved between screens that explicitly link to each other in either direction. For some reason it breaks the chain when linking back explicitly.

Any help would be gratefully received.



Hi Claire,

Did you watch these videos?

Also, if you turned off icons that are in app bars, that could cause an issue because it is still linking the data to the screen. It might help if you check all your app bars and turn the icon on and off and check if there are any actions on it, if there is, delete the action.

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Thanks James

My situation was a little more complex than I described but thanks to your input and clue I’ve figured it out. It was indeed the app bar links.

I basically had a list on the home screen that linked to a screen that had 3 buttons as a fake tabbed bar. Each button then linked to it’s respective tab screen. I removed the app bar explicit link on tab screens 2 and 3 and it worked.

It would have been good to have the ability to go back to the home screen from all tab screens but it just doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for your help.


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