Adding capacity to a booking app where bookings span over many days

I have an app where currently you choose a start and end date and make your booking. I would like to be able to add a capacity or just hide the dates as being available but at the moment I can only see a way of doing it so it applied on the start and end dates of booking that customers choose rather than all dates in between too.

This is the component i’m using currently: Markings Calendar for Adalo | NoCode Monkey

Example: I want to add a booking limit of 10 per date, so if I have 10 customers booked on 16/8/22 - 20//8/22 I don’t want any customers to be able to booked onto the 16, 17, 18, 19th or 20th. But I can’t figure out a way of adding in this logic - although I could add a capacity to each date, say 10 and then have that number -1 when someone books

This is exactly how i’d like it to be:

Hi @jpotts ,

If you want to hide certain dates in calendar, you might want to achieve it using custom calendar through custom lists, by using collections.

The example is in Komun template here,

To have booking limit, there would be additional collection on top of calendar that can act as validation of total bookings or total persons in bookings.

Experiment first with custom calendar.

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