Best way for Calendar Capacity Calculatio

Looking for some brainstorming and finding best way for this.

I have created a booking tool and I have now a collection “Number of People” where restaurant can set the max number of people per hour when creating the restaurant and aonother collection with Reservation hour collection where I have the opening hours and capacity:

11h00 - 10 people
10h00 - 10 people

what the best way to incorporate that when someone chooses the 11h00 and Number of People = 4 the Reservation hour collection will be update to 11h00 - 6?

I know I can do this with Airtable by updating fields back and forth, but is there way of doing directly in Adalo? Thank you.


Hi @sebastas.

I would not use separate collections for these things. You should try to minimise the different amount of collections if possible.

You could for example have a Restaurants collections. In that collection you could have the “capacity” and “opening hours” as properties. Then another collection for Reservations that has a relationship to the restaurant. “A Restaurant can have many Reservations. A Reservations belongs to only one Restaurant”.

Hi Colin,
Thanks for the input, i tried that, but the capacity “refreshes” everyday. Also I need in the reservations to have a drop-down indicating Number of people (user will not write the quantity, it is bad UX).

Ideally flow should be:

1.Chooses the number of people X
2. Chooses available hour (ideally it should be filtered already hours that allow X number of people)
3. Chooses available day (ideally it should be filtered already days that allow X number of people)


  1. chooses the date
  2. chooses the available hour
  3. Chooses the available people

This iteration (multi-step) is ideal for UX.

If I have 22/08/2020 10:00 booked for 10 people ( max capacity), so should not be possible to book for that hour. but if they book for 23/08/2020 for 10:00, the 10 should be there again.

Maybe I am over-complicating this, but so far I cannot relate “refreshing the capacity” according to the Reservations done already and the Date chosen.

I tried in one unique form, but if multi-steps works better (by using updates and calculations) I am also ok with that.

Thank you very much.

Hi Colin,
I used the Nested Collections to test what I wanted and it partially works, I wanted to use an api to update number of people


But if I export the CSV the Nº of People seems not to be exported, and that is the field I need to update. Is this a bug or is this due to have an Array of values?


This is unfortunately due to being an array of values. We are aware of this problem but have not resolved it yet.

Hi Colin,
Thank you for the feedback, will this be resolved soon? this ideal would solve capacity/relationship calculations.

It’s something that is already in the works but I do not have a concrete date for it.

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