Adding multiple values for a column and File picker


I am trying to add multiple values for a user , can someone help me with this ? Currently, user is supposed to select a value or multiple values example - a User may follow one topic or multiple topic. Whenever a user selects a value corresponding row value is updated but it overrides the previous value. Can anyone help me what I should be doing so that multiple values can be added for the same user. Any example video would be useful for this.

Similarly, File Picker, once the file is selected , how to retrieve and view it. Any limitations on file formats can be uploaded/viewed ? Any example video would be useful for this.

Thank you

Imagine you have a topic collection and a user collection. Have a many to many relationship between users and topics.

Create a custom list of topics, each list item has a toggle. You can set this up so it toggles the user and topic relationship.

File picker works in conjunction with an action on a button. So they upload a file, then the action on, for example, a submit button would save the data from the file picker.

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