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Hi guys I have a question about giving the users the ability to upload audio files and save them in the database and view them on their profiles.

For viewing the audio files I think I can do it by using the audio player in the marketplace but I am unable to setup the way of uploading them.

I used the file picker but when I click on it there is no options!
It is letting the user to upload the file but where this file will be saved? And how to setup this? There is no options to have the uploaded files to be saved in the database!

Please help.

Hi Layth,

You need a File Property in the collection and in your button create action add Other components>file picker to that file property field. Then in you audio player you can add that current item( collection name )>file property>URL to the URL of the song field in the player. To add current item you need a list before coming to the audio screen or you can make the audio player as a list clicking the three dots and connect it to that collection and add it from magic text.

Thank you


Thank you for your reply,

I crated a form to upload the audio and I used the file picker and it worked. Now I have the audio file saved in the database in a collection specific for audios. But now I am unable to see any options in the audio player!

There is just 1 option which is the URL.

I watched the youtube that was made by Adalo but in my case the Audio player doesn’t show any options other than the URL!

Can you help?

Hi @Layth,

You need to have a “Current Audio” from your collection available in the screen with AudioPlayer.
Easiest way to accomplish this will be:

  • create a screen with a list, make it a list of Audios
  • create another screen, put an AudioPlayer there
  • create an action for the list (or list item, e.g. button) to link to the 2nd screen
  • as a result you’ll have “Current Audio” on the 2nd screen
  • use audiofile’s URL as an audio source for the player.



You can add a list and link it to a screen and add the audio player there and then you can add current item>file property>URL like Victor said.

Or you can make the audio player a list and connect it to that collection and add current item>file property>URL.

Many thanks my friend. Highly appreciated.

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Many thanks my friend.

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