Multi select values not able to be selected in related database


I’m trying to allow users to select multiple values from a dropdown within my form to post a directory listing, but I’m not seeing how to associate those values with the listing. Here’s the scenario:

I have my Users Database and a Directory Listings Database. Users can submit a form to be apart of that Directory. On the Form, I want them to be able to select multiple industries they work in if they want to. There’s about 5 categories now, but could be more in the future and want to maintain easy.

To do this, I installed the multi select dropdown component, and created a new database collection for “Industries” and created each as records there. i.e. Music/Entertainment, TV/Film, Fashion, etc

I then have created a M – M relationship between industries database and the directory listings database as a property. When mapping the form inputs for the “submit listing” button’s click action for “On CREATE” - My relationship to Industries doesn’t show as an option I can populate.

Now when I do a “On UPDATE” click action, the relationship does show - but the “Add” and “Remove” options are both greyed out. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 9.38.17 PM

You’re exactly right. The multi-select dropdown is an “update” component and can’t be used on the creation part of the form, only on update.

Here’s what you can do:

On the screen before the form where you have the action that links to the form screen, create the record there first with a create action. Then, you’ll have the current record on the form screen where you can perform an “update” form action instead of a create record action.

See how “Send this data to form screen” displays current directory listing:

You can then update the current listing:

Ah ha :bulb: That sounds like it would work. Will test and reach back if otherwise. Thanks Flawless