Multi select values not able to be selected in related database


I’m trying to allow users to select multiple values from a dropdown within my form to post a directory listing, but I’m not seeing how to associate those values with the listing. Here’s the scenario:

I have my Users Database and a Directory Listings Database. Users can submit a form to be apart of that Directory. On the Form, I want them to be able to select multiple industries they work in if they want to. There’s about 5 categories now, but could be more in the future and want to maintain easy.

To do this, I installed the multi select dropdown component, and created a new database collection for “Industries” and created each as records there. i.e. Music/Entertainment, TV/Film, Fashion, etc

I then have created a M – M relationship between industries database and the directory listings database as a property. When mapping the form inputs for the “submit listing” button’s click action for “On CREATE” - My relationship to Industries doesn’t show as an option I can populate.

Now when I do a “On UPDATE” click action, the relationship does show - but the “Add” and “Remove” options are both greyed out. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 9.38.17 PM

You’re exactly right. The multi-select dropdown is an “update” component and can’t be used on the creation part of the form, only on update.

Here’s what you can do:

On the screen before the form where you have the action that links to the form screen, create the record there first with a create action. Then, you’ll have the current record on the form screen where you can perform an “update” form action instead of a create record action.

See how “Send this data to form screen” displays current directory listing:

You can then update the current listing:

Ah ha :bulb: That sounds like it would work. Will test and reach back if otherwise. Thanks Flawless

Hi Flawless! Sorry to bother you with this again, but I can’t seem to figure it out even after reading this. This is what my “form” currently looks like:

Currently, when I click “Registrar” these are the actions on. Everything’s working except the multi select thingy (tried creating the update action but I think I’m doing something incorrectly):

To make sure I’ve understood correctly, the multi select dropdown list is of the Activities Options directory. The record is being created in the Journal Entries directory. And what I think I’m not understanding correctly (besides not understanding the whole update action) are two things: 1. To what type of field should the multi selections be entering to? 2. Which directory should that answer be updating, the Journal Entries? Or the Activities Options? (If the answer is the Activities Options, how to link it to a specific journal entry? Right now I have a many to many relationship between journal entry and activity options, in case that’s useful)

Huge thanks in advice,


Correct, because as I had mentioned, you cannot use the multi-select dropdown on the same screen where the “create” action is located. It does not work like that. It is an “Update” action so it must be used AFTER the record has been created.

Create the record first when the user clicks the button to enter that screen, then you can use the multi-select dropdown to update the new record.

Since you are linking to the screen without creating the record first, the multi-select dropdown does not know what to update.