Adding on record from a database to another database


I’m. building a book app where one can build their digital book collection, I have a database with books and want to give the user the option to pick books from this database and then add it to their own collection, how would this best be done in adalo?


Hi @Badmenfinance,

There are several ways to achieve this.

Option 1: create a many-to-many relationship between Books collection and Users collection. When user selects a book from the list, you update this relationship in the Current Book record to include Logged-in User.

Option 2: if you need to store more information about this particular selection (e.g. if you’d like a user to leave a comment for him/herself about this book), you will need to create a separate collection (call it My Books) for this. This collection should have 1:many relationship to Users and 1:many relationship to Books, so each record in My Books belong exclusively to 1 user and to 1 book. Then you can add more fields to this collection, for example, comment field.


Hi Victor,

Thanks for your message, however I still am not able to get it to work, can you explain it with a bit more detail please?

Kind regards,

Samuel Rose