Is it possible to edit an existing Collection relation in Adalo?

If I have an existing One to Many Database Collection and I want to change it to a Many to Many, how is that done in Adalo?

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You mean that you have created a One to Many relationship with 2 collections and now you want to change that relationship to a Many to Many relationship without creating a new one?

As far as I’m aware it’s not possible, unfortunately! ( You could add this here ) What you can do is delete that One to Many relationship and create the new Many to Many relationship!

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Ok, so, I am developing a customer company based product management solution and so, it could be the case whereby for one customer, they would only want a One to Many relationship between table A and table B, but another might want a many to many between A and B. So in other words apart from the Many to One (lookups… which are often obvious) all other relations in my Collections/Tables should be Many to Many, and then the customer that only needs the One to Many can then simply link just the one Collection item/table record to the Many item/table record… if you see what I mean :grin: :sweat_smile: