Adjusting a verification tag to the length of a username

How do I make an icon placement adjust to the length of a text?

For example, I am adding a verification badge (similar to Instagram & Twitter) to the right of a user’s username if they are “verified.” How do I get this badge to adjust to the length of their username?


Hello, you can activate the “Auto Width” option.

Thank you!

How does this work with Magic Text + icon?

Hey @matttro, I can make a free component for this.

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That would be great! @James_App_Maker

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I’ve made the component and it’s submitted for review! I’m trying to make the review process fast so I can get it out to everyone as soon as possible. (it’s free btw)

For now, you can see the component in the demo app below:


Wow, that’s awesome! Thank you very much! @James_App_Maker

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This component is now released! It’s called “Verified Text”. Let me know what you think!

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