Auto width doesn't adjust for "magic text"

I have a text component that is just “magic text” - ie. it comes from the database. This text isn’t always the same width. Sometimes it’s 10 characters, sometimes it’s 20. I want to put something (another text component) right next to that first text component. However, the auto-width seems to be auto-width based one the magic text description in the Adalo builder, not auto width based on the width of the magic text content itself.

Here it is in the builder - both set to multi-line off and auto-width:


Here it is in the app preview, with too much space for the first text element and not enough for the second one:


(The reason I have two elements is because one of them should only be visible if some condition exists in the database, and I can’t seem to do that logic inside a text component and only impact part of the text)

I would make this one single element and then duplicate it and change the visibility of the 2nd one.

I have three things that may or may not have a value. That’s 8 different combinations. I don’t really want to put 8 different overlapping elements on the page and conditionally hide/show them… Any other ideas?

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