Admob question, don't understand something here

So I’m trying to link admob to my app

I don’t understand what to do with number 3 about ads.txt…can anyone help???

I have also encountered this problem: basically you should add that type of file in the site that you connect to the app on the play store and app store (if I’m not mistaken it is indicated as a feedback site).
I solved it simply by not inserting it, so that it doesn’t give an error (I don’t know if that’s the right solution)

Google has an entire guide about it.

First of all, they’ve not sent me the result of their review, so do I have wait before doing the ads.txt
Also, is it compulsory to do it, will it affect if ads are shown on your app??

I’m not the best person to respond to those questions.

Maybe @njimmy10 or @dilon_perera or @Flawless could have answers for them.

This topic will help you! : AdMob Doesn't Work


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