🐒 Advanced Calendar Strip | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey @JL_LJ ,

I updated the Demo. It should make more sense now. As I said before, the pop-up in the demo is just to show that you can add additional actions.

In the demo, you are recording the Exercise when you click the day, the pop-up allows you to add a description of what the exercise was.

Let me know if there is still something that is unclear.

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Hi @Michael

just a question.
all the tools you develop, do you test them in native apps?
I would not like to take a tool that goes perfectly in the development environment and then when I go to publish on the Apple APP Store, I am refused the APP because of the tool.


Yes, we test them on iOS, android, and web.

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I love u :heart_eyes:

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Hello, had a quick question… I want to get the “Advanced Calendar Strip,” but wondering if it could linked to an external data base (such as google calendar).

Would that be possible?

Could I get some info on how to use this component as a date picker for a list?

Is this a monthly payment or one time payment

It’s just a one time payment!

Hey @eesau
Sorry for the late reply, I’ll send you a dm to help you out.

Hi @Michael Michael I purchased the Calendar Strip last week and its not showing up in my components list. I did submit a contact us form on no code monkey. Thanks

Hi all, I’ve been testing both the Advanced Calendar Strip and Advanced Calendar components. Based on this thread , the calendars work by linking to data in the Users Collection.

Question 1 – will users have to be signed in for this functionality to work?
Question 2 – how can this component work for events that only include a start time?

Thank you!

(Pinging @Michael as well. Thank you for building this)

Building off my previous comment…
Are there other ways of making the component work without users having to be signed in?

Hey @Makayla
Just checking in to make sure this was resolved

Hey @TomKrumins
Currently you would need to save the data in the Users database, but….

Good news, there is an update that allows for Magic Text!!! And a couple other improvements.

Update is finished and should be live Monday or Tuesday (Adalo has to review before pushing the update).

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Incredible! Great work @Michael and appreciate your engaging approach to sharing updates.

Will this update also affect how to set the default date?

Yep. It will give you Text Date (xxxx-xx-xx) and Date&Time options

You’re a rockstar. Thank you for the consistent updates, Michael.

I was just looking for an electronic calendar, so I would love to test this one. I’m already used to using printed calendars like these: 123calendars.com , because all the electronic calendars I’ve used have been impractical.

It looks great @Michael!!
Do you have a video to show how to set it all up. I have troubles to set up the advanced calendar

@Michael - and the calender dosent shows any dots