🐒 Free Copy to Clipboard Component

Hey Everyone,

NoCode Monkey is offering a Free Copy to Clipboard 2.0 component with any purchase through July 15th.

How does it work? Simple. Buy any component in our store and we will add both to your account during install.


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Hello I have a question regarding “Markings Calendar”. Is it possible to mark days via action for specific user? Like a appointment ?

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Yes! So if I understand you correctly, you are wanting to mark a day for a specific individual. In this case you would create a collection “Appointments”. The collection would have 2 properties.
1.) Date
2.) User relationship

If you only want the calendar to display a specific user’s Marked days, you would just filter it by the Logged in User.

Let me know if that answers your question.

Hopefully I can get version 2.0… I literally bought the copy to clipboard less than a month ago.

Hey @Flawless,
Just sent you a DM

I bought a component just a few days ago and I’d like to receive it if possible.

Hey @westzero,
Thanks for the message. I’ll send you a DM so we can see what happened.

Thank you for the free component.

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You’re Welcome! Hope you enjoy it.

I lost the promotion :sob:

Hi @Michael, any active promotion? :innocent:

Hello, I sent you several messages to the dm of the forum, about a component that I bought and I have some questions, I would appreciate if you answer me


I have previously purchased the Copy to Clipboard Component.

Will you give me another offer if I buy Gradient Rectangle Pro Component from you? :stuck_out_tongue: