After canceling subscription, do published apps still work?

My question is when i cancel my subscription. Will the apps i created for clients still be up and running? Or will they be shut down? How does this work?

I tried to contact adalo 3 times, didn’t get responds. I hope someone here can help me.

Thanks in advance
Leon Missoul

My best guess is that the adalo database and certificates will be deleted and while your app may still exist in the App Store or on devices it will probably lose the data and not function properly.

I defer to adalo staff but I recommend that you do not cancel if you still need the app to function.

Adalo subscriptions include the Adalo Database content
You have the Free plan which still gives you an access.
Limited to 50 rows of data per app

Now for the paid plans - and more traffic/volume 5GB , no paid subscritpion = no such traffic to the database. So it depends your App needs.

There is an external Hosted Database use on the roadmap I beleive, just check the Feature request…dont know if you d require a running subscriptions once your App is published then…in that very case !

Support my REquest if you d like an extra “cheaper” plan between the Free and the 50$ one ! :smile:

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Thank you so much!

I have a wix website. I found a way to connect the wix database through API to my adalo app. Is it than safe to cancel my subscription?

Thanks in advance
Leon Missoul

hmmm, I dont get what you expect it to be working like - Best wouid be to ask some Team members @Ben @jeremy
before doing anything… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

No, if you cancel your subscription your apps will stop working. If you’re planning on using the published apps you should keep your subscription active.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. The problem is that i think paying €50 per month for just building one app is really expensive.

Hi @leonmissoul

…well; it all depends on how many customers can support your project.
if you like this idea, pliz support this Cheaper plan request; voting here :

Adding an Extra 10/15usd Adalo Plan for non-profit usage :slight_smile:

:hugs: :yum:

@leonmissoul think it really depends on your perspective. If you hire a developer build an app for you, you’d usually spend $10k-$50k+ on development, then you will usually spend at least $50/mo for hosting, usually more.

That being said, we want to make building apps as affordable as possible, so we’ll absolutely take your feedback into account.

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