Are Adalo apps standalone?

I had a play with Adalo just the other day and was very keen to subscribe. The only thing was I had a friend who told me that content I create in Adalo is not actually standalone, but hosted on Adalo’s server/s. I asked him what he meant and he said that at any stage if I cancel my subscription, any apps I have created and distributed will cease to work. I told him that must be incorrect, as I couldn’t imagine who would sign up for such a thing.

So may I ask here in the forum, if I create an app and distribute it and let’s say a year from now I decide I no longer wish to be a subscriber, will that app still work correctly, or will it no longer function?


Your friend is correct for the most part. For starters, browse the pricing plans and you’ll see the limitations of the free plan.

Specifically, look at the monthly app actions and data storage fields on the chart. With the free plan, you are only allocated 1,000 app actions and 200 database records. New records cannot be created after you hit this limit and the app will not function after the 1,000 app actions have been consumed.

Here is what constitutes as an app action:

Who would sign up for such a thing? Someone that knows how to make money with their apps! Think about how you plan on monetizing your apps so that you can balance the expense and revenue so that you can ultimately make profit.

I have apps that make $2k+/month, so $65/month for 1 app is a super cheap expense in relation and worth every penny… But if you don’t know how to monetize and you make $0/month, then $65/month is a higher expense and not worth it.

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