After Login issue

Hi there,

when i preview my app, if i was signing up, all works well and info appears as i want it to be in the user’s profile. however, when i use the login page to login, stuff just disappear and can not see them in the user’s profile !
what do you think is the issue here ?

thanks in advance

Hi, You can create a new app by choosing the Food Truck Model -
it comes with a Login screen that works fine…

I had the same problem today. It seems it was due to the fact the app would automatically log out while we could still access the restricted content. Hence no data displayed related to user’s profile. Very weird.

Agree, from time to time I have the “you were logged off Yellow top message bar flashing” and really i don t know why it happens, I connected my pc through cable to my router just to make sure its not the Wifi that is dropping connection…but I can"t connect a single cable up to the Adalo server…just ot make sure ! :stuck_out_tongue:
its a bummer since that would be the reason why “updates” works only half…returning unexpected outcomes.
*I probably would if I could ! :laughing: