Login not working no matter what

Hi there :wave:
I’m new to Adalo. I’ve had experience with glide, bubble, and Webflow. I’ve recently been having trouble when users log in to my app. When they sign up, everything erases on the form and they get a log in error, even though it’s in the database. Really, try it. reccord.adalo.com/developers. Why is this happening? I have TWO apps and it’s happening on both. This is my first time using Adalo and I am not getting a great impression… :roll_eyes:

Help Appreciated!

Is this happening to anyone else?

Whooops! I gave y’all the wrong link! try this one:

By Any chance, you are not using ‘CREATE’ user, right?

What do you mean? I’m new to Adalo…

I understood the issue now, you haven’t added the link action to the submit button

Click on the form component.
Go to ‘SUBMIT BUTTON’ section and click on ADD ACTION.

Here link it to the home screen.

I think you have missed this step.

Hope this helps!

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Huh. That works for the sign up option but not for the login option. Any ideas why it’s not working when I try to log in?

for example, if you try to log in, it’ll tell you your password is incorrect, even though it’s not.

I guess you did not select the form type as login.

Hi @Pablo_books

I’m sending this in to the team to have a look to see what could be causing this.

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Hmm. It’s working today, not sure why, but some components aren’t showing up. I’ve put always visible and I can see it in the editor, but not when actually visiting the app. :confused: :crazy_face::flushed:

Glad it is working now. I believe we fixed the issue from our side for this.

These components that arent showing wouldn’t happen to be a list of something without any records to display in there would they?

Good question.
The thing that is not showing up is the menu bar, which includes user’s records. It is not ‘sometimes visible’ and there are records for users. Any idea what’s going on?

Could you DM me some details so I can investigate further. I need the URL of the app and the screen name where this is occurring.

done :+1:
Check your dm

@Colin, the login’s down again. I cannot login. Is there anything you can do to fix this again? Thanks!

I have reopened the ticket for the dev to look at again. Sorry for the problems Pablo.

It’s ok, it’s fixed now :sweat_smile:
Sorry for bothering you
It’s been going on, and off, on and off. A bit frustrating but I can survive :smiley:

P.S. I recommend you don’t close the ticket yet because it’ll probably happen again…

Hi Colin I’m having this issue as well.

It comes on and off

and of now its not working

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When did the issue first start happening? What device / browser / OS are you using? Is it only with one app or many?