Aicrus Resources for Latin America

Hello devs from the future!

I would like to share something with you. :smiley:

Our team decided to develop focused resources for Latin America. :earth_americas:

We live in a place that is the cradle of new ideas. And in this environment there are people who have dreams. Dreams of solving problems and making the world a better place.

We have already developed dozens of Apps using the Adalo platform. Our difficulty was to have some powerful features that add to the platform as one of the most requested is the most used payment method in Latin America.

We decided to share with you some of our features. And soon there will be more.

Whether you need components for Adalo, or some app to resell, paid traffic management, a marketing team or something specific that is preventing your business from completing or going to another level. You need to meet Aicrus.

If you have any of your resources and would like to resell on our website. Contact us.

In the Devs section you will find two components that might be useful for you.

1- Receive payments via credit card through Mercado Pago.

2- Receive payments via Pix through Mercado Pago.

These two components are being used for hundreds of payment transactions, by us and our customers.

The 2 components do not need integromat, or with other external communication. They are native to the Adalo platform. Everything is practically editable. (Name, color, size, etc.) Pix payment is fantastic Credit Card is revolutionary.

All you have to do is place the Access Token from your Mercado Pago account and the magic happens.

You can test this release now.

Get ready because this is one of the many resources we are going to share with you all.

Do you have any idea ? Share with us what we will do for you.

(We want to thank you)

Our team and partners for accepting this challenge. Also someone super smart and humble! Bruno Ribeiro, who decided to share his knowledge base with our team.

We believe that a town or nation becomes great when there is unity, when we share what we know with those who want to make a difference.
That we can do our part to be a free country because the entrepreneur, to have results, only needs to start!

Remembering that the promotional price will last for 15 days. 10/27 to 11/10/21.



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Anyone interested in testing the Mercado Pago Credit Card and Pix Component, this is the link:


Hi how are you? I live in Argentina, is this Mercado Pago component useful for my country? Thanks.