Airtable Collection Record ID (magic text bug)

Airtable record ID is a text as “rec5IZsKGYVJmz8Kv”, however within a list of this collection, the ID property differs and is set to a number, converting the string to 58. This is creating some issues in actions or other case when the exact record id is needed. This looks to be a new issue as in the past they were both a text property. I submitted a ticket, but maybe anyone has a workaround? thanks

Collection Showing the record ID as a text :white_check_mark:
id in collection

Magic Text Showing the record ID as a number :x:
id in magic text

Here is a Q&A from the Adalo | Help Doc for Airtable:
"What are all these additional property fields and different names in Adalo?
A. The word fields is before every property when the connection occurs. You can edit these when using the label in forms. There are additional fields/properties that will also be seen in the external collection in Adalo that are not needed, such as: id, attachments > id, attachments > thumbnails etc. You can delete these if you’d like. You should NEVER use the id or createdTime properties.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips.

I have been using Airtable collection in Adalo for the past 2 years, as I was using a custom action to link records, I needed Airtable rec ID and was using the Collection ID.
So, a workaround now is to create a field formula in Airtable to find the record id, and refer to that filed in Adalo Collection instead.

example of a custom action using record ID