Problem to display data from Airtable to Adalo


I have a problem to display some data from Airtable into my Adalo App.
I don’t understand why its not working.
I also can’t get the data to create a row in Adalo database.

Vidéo Link

However, the record has been successfully created in my Airtable
Airtable screen shot

Do you know how to solve that ?

Hey @Clement0909 I was able to find your app, and it looks like you’ve changed things around a little since you were running into this. Also, very cool use of loaders, thought of course it’d be better if it wasn’t needed.

I think the issue in the original implementation from the video is probably that we’re not properly handling “New” records for external collections. I’ll let you know if we manage to come up with a fix for this.

Hi Jeremy,

Yes I tried to avoid the loader by using a webhook with custom action in Adalo and Zapier.
But I didn’t fin how to get the ID of the Adalo row with a custom action POST :frowning:

So I don’t know how to avoid this 45 secondes loading time…


Anyone find a way to get the data base ID of a record with a zapier’s webhook? :disappointed_relieved:

You can find the ID of the record by clicking on the record itself in the collection and then looking at the URL the last digits after the last / will be the ID. These do go in order, unless you delete rows.

Hi @ashley,
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Yes I know 2 ways to get the ID of a record :

  • In the URL like you said
  • With a “new record” trigger in Adalo

One is manual and the second has a delay to be triggered.
The perfect situation will be: Get the ID through a Zapier Webhook (like in my screenshot)

But it seems impossible for now, correct?

Because the record increments based on the row record. You could create a number property in that collection that gets set to current count + 1 when a new record is created. Then use that property in your custom action with the zap webhook.

Could you create a tutorial on this, if there are no plans to expose the Record ID for programmatic actions?