Explosive Airtable Insight

I have been struggling with the airtable and adalo integration, but I finally have a solution for myself and hopefully for others.

When a user makes an account in my app, a record is made in adalo and (because of the new custom actions returning data feature), the record ID of that record is then returned and saved in a field of the user called “Airtable ID.” Then, you can use this ID when you want to sort records, link records, or CREATE LINKED RECORDS through custom actions!!! You can also use your table of users as a summary table to rollup values from other tables in the same airtable base, like “Total Fees” “Total Likes” and “Average Usage” etc. Then, you can use that table as a collection and filter it when you need to display one of the summary values earlier. Someone else probably already posted this, but I hope it helps someone if they can follow this ramble


Hey Ibrahim - this looks exciting.

To clarify:

  • User creates account on Adalo
  • Custom actions creates record in “Users” table in Airtable
  • UID of that record passed back from Airtable to Adalo, into an Adalo Property of that user called “Airtable ID”

Is that right?

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Your corrrrecto. Having the Airtable record ID allows you to filter, create, sort, and retrieve data from airtable really well

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