Airtable connection - Date

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble with the Airtable database set-up. Everything is set-up and running. When a user completes a form that creates a new record of a collection, the information is to be sent to Airtable. It’s currently not working because in the form I ask for a date (date of birth). I know this gives issues since Airtable does not validate the date input.

My approach was: a user inputs a date in Adalo using the date picker. Then when the form is submitted, all the information along with the date is to be stored in an Airtable record. The datepicker inputs its information into an Airtable text field (to be stored as dd/mm/yyyy). That’s where the issue arrises.

Is there any way to store a date input from Adalo in Airtable? Do I need to use another field type, …? Or is it just simply: there is NO way that you can store Adalo date input information into Airtable?

Thanks in advance!

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