Filtering a list by date picker

I am trying to filter a list (from an external Airtable collection) based upon the record creation date in Airtable, and a date picker in Adalo. I’d like to just show records from the date picker date.

What would the formula need to be in order to do this? This is what I have currently, and it does not work:

It might be the certain way the date is formatted in Adalo and Airtable. If you press on the Date Picker Magic Text make sure you switch the formatting to be the same as the date in Airtable. That might fix the problem.

I have made sure to match those formats, tested them with text outputs, and still no luck.

I think the formula is wrong… I’ll try to come up with a formula for it

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Tried this formula, and still no luck:

Couple of issues I can see here.

First, the formula looks wrong (in your first screenshot). You are asking for the date picker to be the same as the airtable field when it should be the other way around. The airtable date created should be = date picker


The next issue I can see is, if all date fields are datetime fields, then you won’t be able to match a record because it is looking for an identical timestamp so the records would have to match to the second.

I would use the ‘in between’ option and add another date picker so it would be 'created date is in between date picker 1 and date picker 2.

Let us know if either of these options help :+1:

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I think when you are using the filterByFormula, your {Created} needs to be the primary key in Airtable, so in this case you need to do this switch

Not sure also if format in Adalo is “2021-01-29” and does not pickup the “1/29/2021”

I have flipped the formula values around so that the Airtable created date is first, followed by the date picker, and still no luck.

I believe this is a bug on Adalo’s side, but I have not heard back from the support request I submitted on Friday. Hopefully they’ll respond tomorrow with a solution.

Have you tried the ‘in between’ option and added another picker?

Not sure what the syntax would be there, actually, or how I would construct the formula for that. Pretty new to the platform, so any help you could offer would be appreciated.

Adalo still has a lot of bugs with Airtable unfortunately. I am dropping Airtable due to that. It was more a mess than actually useful.

Who did you end up going with instead? I’m not sure I want to move my entire DB from Airtable to another provider, only to have similar but different issues…

I am testing XANO for now. It is an API+DB backend. Airtable is great in a way, but also a lot of issues with field format and filtering. I am checking if XANO is good for my needs.

Not sure if Stackby is better than Airtable, but it is similar (Never tried though).

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