Dates not being recorded properly

I have an airtable base with following fields:

Date - in airtable Europen date format
Date to send to ADalo - a text copy of the Date field

I did it like this, because in “Select” fields in Adalo, it does not pull data from Airtable Fields.

The issue is that now when I select a certain date to save, the database records a totally different field (my database field is in Date format) so data flow is from text in airtable to date in Adalo. I believe this is happening due to Adalo being in US date format?

How to overcome this, do we have a format formula?

Example, I made a saving as “30/10/2020” and date was recorded as “11/8/2020”

Thank you.Jorge

The date and time format Adalo uses is UNIX. So it’s in UTC+0 time zone.

You’ll probably have to convert the Airtable field data to fit that format so that Adalo can read it

Yeah, that was what I was afraid. I need to have then a proper text field to send in frontend and emails.

Can you provide me the app and screen where this happens? This should not be the case and I would like to investigate more.

Hi Colin,
You can check the app “Jazta Copy Copy”

Jorge Marques

Seems to be working ok for me?

Hi Colin,
Frontend is fine, but when you book, in the DB is wrong.

I just booked using name “test299”, I choose date “29/09/2020” but in the DB date is “10/13/2020”

Data input is “dd/MM/yyyy” while DB is in “MM/dd/yyyy” thus doing a wrong conversion, but I do need the DB in date, since I will then need to apply delete mass if date less than XXX. Thanks


Ok that is indeed bizarre! I have sent this in to the team.

Hi Colin,
No need, my fault, I have a process that copies the data from formula to a text field (Since Adalo in Select does not accept Airtable formula fields), I didn’t have the automation running in Airtable to update the fields data. so copied wrong ones. My apologies :).

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