Airtable - custom action to sync local user creation with Airtable

The goal is to sync a user created in the local user database with a table of users on Airtable. Things that I have working successfully:

:white_check_mark: User sign up form
:white_check_mark: Local User Collection
:white_check_mark: External collection on Airtable
:white_check_mark: Custom action that creates new record in Airtable upon submit
:white_check_mark: Sync Airtable Record ID back to local user

So all of these things are working - but what isn’t happening are the entered values from the user in the form (first name, last name, email) aren’t being sent to the Airtable record.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

When using the external collection with Airtable, make sure to use the “Patch” method.

Please try this tutorial and see if it helps further:

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