Cannot create a record on External Collection (Airtable)

I connected my Airtable account to Adalo successfully, and now I’d like to create a record on an Airtable base every time a new user signs up.

This is the action section of the sign up form:

This is the base on Airtable (“Date” is a date field type, and “Users” is a “Link to another record” field type):

Now, If I try to signup on my PWA, I have the error “Action Cannot Be Completed”:

The user is successfully created on Adalo’s Users collection, but nothing is created in the Airtable base, and the link to the following screen is not activated (I guess that’s because the previous action failed, so the following one is not completed).

Where’s the problem? How can I solve it?

Hi @Productology,

1st issue I think is you are doing this on a Signup form. Adding a action that uses logged in user properties after the Signup action doesn’t add them I think due to a current limitation. See here : How to Send Emails with Adalo - Using Integromat & Custom Actions - Tutorial 🤓 - YouTube

You can add this action after Signup on another screen.

The other issue I think is updating linked columns. See this post by Bhanu : When Airtable data is created, subsequent actions are not executed - #4 by bhanu

I think after the create action you would need a Update custom action to update that record linked column.


Update Custom action would be like this :


Thank you

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