AIRTABLE External Collection - Adalo Simple List showing only first 3 rows. Where's the rest?

I succesfully connected Airtbale to Adalo using API. I created a screen and added the List component - “Simple List”. In the left side pane - In the Title Field, I selected the " Field Name" from the synced external database.
Problem starts here.

  1. When I clicked the “preview”. I saw only the first 3 rows from the table. I have around 100 field name. But it’s showing only first 3 rows.

  2. I tried copy and paste the “Simple List Component”. The working screen is small, It allowed me to paste only 6 list (even after deleting the “Navigation Tab Bar”) - How to expand the working screen to paste more list?

  3. Again when I clicked the “Preview” It copy pasted the first 3 rows from table twice.

Please help to fetch all the 100 field in the list and also how to sort it based on its type.

None of the youtube videos are clear. Some of the videos are in different language.

Please help!

Hi @SpeedMind,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Could you add some screenshots of the Airtable Table and the preview in Adalo? Did you added a limit in your Base URL?

For expand the working screen select that screen and drag it more from down or top!

Thank you